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Zhang Jian, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited our company for inspection and guidance.

On May 9, Mr. Zhang Jian, Vice Chairman of Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited our company for guidance and understanding of the development status, problems and existing needs of enterprises. Chairman Zhu Zhihong of Jiudian Pharmaceutical Company, Vice General Manager Yang, Vice President Xiao Stability of Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Minister Wang Qianzhi of Human Resources Department and Director Liu Xianghui of Planning Department accompanied Chairman Zhang and his delegation to visit the R&D Laboratory of our Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Jiudian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Develops National Economy Mobilization Exercise and Accumulates Practical Experience

On May 28, Jiudian Pharmaceutical Company conducted a national economic mobilization drill in Liuyang Production Center in accordance with the relevant requirements of the standardized construction of the National Economic Mobilization Center in order to enhance the staff's national defense and emergency awareness, accumulate practical experience and improve the ability and efficiency of peacetime and wartime conversion.

Technological empowerment drives development! Jiudian Pharmaceutical "National Post-doctoral Research Workstation" was established

On June 13, the licensing ceremony and opening report of Jiudian Pharmaceutical National Postdoctoral Research Station was solemnly held in Liuyang Jingkai District. Talking about Wenchang, Deputy Secretary of Liuyang Economic Development Zone Party Committee and Director of Management Committee, Hou Zifang, Vice Director of Professional and Technical Personnel Management Department of Hunan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Affairs

He Baoxiang, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, made a thorough and on-the-spot investigation on the development of Jiudian Pharmaceutical Industry

On July 3, He Baoxiang, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, visited Liuyang National Economic and Technological Development Zone to investigate the development of pharmaceutical industry.
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